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The story of a photographer

I'm a Swedish multicultural photographer that found my love in Austin, Texas about two years ago. Now I live to capture moments of lovers and families as my full-time job. Coming from Scandinavia I bring the minimalistic and simple with me in my approach. I see myself as a moody darker edit lover but can be light and airy depending on mode! Mostly moody tho! I put my creative mind 100% into what I do, the focus is on capturing the real candid moments of you and your loved one. I started in the fashion and couture field and have transitioned into portraits and weddings which have become my jam! I capture moments in time from a real and candid perspective! You will be there and relive the day when you see your photos, that's my goal!

I have a green soul, yes I absolutely love plants and gardening. And I'm an old soul, I tell everyone I would be great in the 70's. Not so much technology going on just amazing music and slower paste life. Yes, that was a bit about me! I can't wait to hear your story and get to know you more! I love a good love story about how you met or just sharing a great recipe is my jam as well!